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TEAMBASSICK.COM is a business subsidiary of the car audio competition group known as “Team Bassick”. The sole purpose of TEAMBASSICK.COM is to promote the Car audio Industry through car audio competition events. These events will be promoted via this website, social groups and social media. Car audio competitions were created as a marketing tool for the Car Audio Industry and we hope to get back to the roots of that.


Team Bassick is family oriented. 
Team defined as: A group organized to work together. This team was established in 1998. Not only are we a team but we areohana, which means “family” and “nobody gets left behind or forgotten”.


No two members may compete in the same class.
As inconvenient as this rule may seem, it is crucial to prevent any animosity within the team. It may limit our members but it will strengthen our team. Bass Race is the only time in which teammates might end up against each other.

Dedication to Competing and Teammates.
This team has traveled over 10,000 miles since it has been established. As an “active” team member attending shows and competing is required. Although we are based as a dB Dragracing Team competing in other organizations is encouraged.


Respect and follow the dB Drag Racing Creed:
I will never operate my system in a manner that will disturb those around me. 
I will never operate my system in a manner that could result in injury. 
I will never operate my system in violation of the law. 
I will do my best to represent the sport of dB Drag Racing in a positive fashion. 
I will conduct myself in a professional manner while participating at events. 
I will do my best to support those companies and retailers who support our sport. 
I will always abide by the dB Drag Racing rules when competing and will do my best to insure that others abide by the rules as well.


Conduct yourself in a Professional Manner.  
This goes beyond the creed. This team is compiled of veteran competitors with at least one year of active competition experience. Answer and ask all questions with respect at shows or online. Remember you are not only representing yourself but the team as well. Let your actions in the lane do all the talking for you.


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