Thank You Brian!!!!!

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Another show in the books for the 2016 Norcal Mobilewarz tour. Had another great event with our Car Audio Community here in Northern California. Someone asked once if you had to be from Northern California in order to compete in these events.


These series are just held in Northern California but, all and everyone is welcomed. The intent was to bring together a group of Brick and Mortar Car Audio Retailers to come together and host events throughout Northern California. The goal was to bring the excitement back into SQ competition as well as try to get back to the roots of Car Audio Competition, being a Marketing Tool for the Car Audio Industry.

Brian is a long time car audio retailer and competitor. Vehicles from his shop, Liquid Trends, has been featured in various magazines, have won thousands of awards and multiple world titles. In short (no pun intended) Brian is the salt and pepper in seasoned veterans.


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