Thank You Spanglers Sound!!!!!


On March 6, 2016, Norcal Mobilewarz took over Spanglers Sound. This was their first year being a part of the series. Although SQ based, Spanglers’ was interested in doing an SPL event as well. The event was a sanctioned 1X IASCA & DBDRA. The rain gave us a break for majority of the day and luckily we were able to get the show completed before we lost all light but, not before a heavy down pour towards the end of the show. All whom attended enjoyed the show and Logan from Spanglers Sound was more than pleased with the events turnout. would like to give special thanks to Scott Welch for being head judge for SQ and Frankie Smith for his mic monkey support for the ┬áSPL vehicles. This show would have not as been as successful without their support. Last but not least Thank You again to Spanglers Sound for hosting and welcome to the Norcal Mobilewarz series and the California Bassheads family.



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